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Top handgrip kit for EOS C500 MKII / C300MKIII. The kit includes the cheese plate for EOS C500 MKII (0350-1325), the top handgrip low (0350-1405) and the 15 mm viewfinder adapter (0350-1455) and offers a nice and comfortable handgrip with wooden inlay for the EOS C500 MKII / C300MKIII. The position of the handgrip can be adjusted to any specific position on the cheese plate and is 180 degrees rotatable. Two strap pins are included in the handgrip, to mount a carrying strap. Multiple cold shoe attachments are integrated in the handgrip for mounting all kind of accessories.

Vocas Top handgrip kit for Canon EOS C500 MKII

SKU: 0350-1125
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