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The MFC-6 follow focus 1:2 kit is a studio follow focus kit consisting the following products; (0500-1500) MFC-6 gear box 15 mm; (0500-1201) MFC-2 knob standard (2 pcs.); (0500-1551) MFC-6 drive arm 1:2; (0500-0601) MFC-2/6 drive gear M0,8/40T. This follow focus kit has a 1:2 transmission ratio and therefore perfectly compatible with cine lenses.
The MFC-6 studio follow focus is a very lightweight and modular system. It's therefore possible to choose from a wide range of drive gears, follow focus knobs, transmission ratio's and rails adapters. The follow focus knob is available in industrial plastic (Delrin®) or in wood, both with or without hardstops. The unique self-adjusting driving arm of the MFC-6 exerts the correct pressure to the lens, preventing the follow focus from having play. Besides, it's very easy to interchange lenses, without changing the position of the follow focus.

The MFC-6 is available in 1:1 (DSLR lenses) and 1:2 (cine lenses) transmission ratio's and is always equipped with a 15 mm gearbox, to snap the follow focus on the bars from above. Two adapters are available, to convert the MFC-6 towards 19 mm rails or to 15 mm studio rails. The MFC-6 studio follow focus has the same modular design as the Vocas follow focus MFC-2. This means that you can interchange all the different follow focus knobs and different drive gears between the MFC-6 and the MFC-2 systems!

Vocas MFC-6 follow focus kit 1:2

SKU: 0500-4011
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