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Top handle for FCR-15 with integrated hexagonal Allen key. The top handle attaches to the offset 19 mm horizontal tube of the FCR-15, which enables you to adjust the position of the handgrip to the left and the right.
Because the top handle consists of two parts, a lower bracket and an ergonomically designed handgrip bracket, the height and the length of the handle can be easily adjusted.

A hexagonal key is integrated into the lower bracket, offering the possibility to collapse the handle easy and fast.
The top handle offers multiple 1/4’’ and 3/8’’ thread holes, two cold shoe attachments and a 15 mm integrated viewfinder adapter. The viewfinder adapter enables you to mount any third-party viewfinder or LCD screen from the top, via any of the Vocas NATO rail solutions.

Vocas FCR-15 top handle

SKU: 0350-3010
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