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Vocas Alister’s ENG kit for Sony PXW-FX9 existing of the H-cheese plate for top bars Sony PXW-FS7 / FS7 II / FX9 (0350-1368), two pieces Vocas Aluminum 15 mm rail, length: 250 mm (0350-9250), Straight handgrip 15 mm rail bracket (0390-0110), Double sided handgrip extender medium 110 mm (0390-0020) and Handgrip rosette adapter for Sony PXW-FX9 (0390-0190).
The Sony FX9 camera can easily be upgraded with these Vocas accessories.
Vocas developed a complete kit of accessories to have a good start operating the Sony FX9. In this kit you will find a top cheese plate with 15 mm rails in the shape of the letter H, which makes it possible to add a lot of accessories to the top of the camera without removing the original Sony top handgrip with its electrical functions and its build-in GPS.
One accessory in this kit is the newly developed Handgrip rosette adapter that attaches directly to the Sony handgrip when the original Sony handgrip arm is removed.
Together with all the other accessories in this kit, the Sony handgrip can be attached to the top rails in the top cheese plate, providing a very adjustable, yet sturdy solution.

Vocas Alister’s ENG kit for Sony PXW-FX9

SKU: 0255-5100
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