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Voted Product of The Year at NABSHOW 2022.

Voted Best of Show by B+C Magazine at NABSHOW 2022.

This portable power generator is an AC power source based on a pure sine wave inverter that runs on lithium-ion technology.

The generator offers a silent, protected and robust solution which makes it ideal for working in any type of environment.

Versatile construction with 4 interchangeable 300Wh battery modules that can be easily replaced in the event of an after-sales service.

  • Output Voltage : 240V AC 50/60Hz

  • Max Continuous AC power Output: 700 W

  • Internal Battery Capacity: Lithium-Ion 1200 Wh

  • Charging Time: 7 Hrs

  • Size/mm [in]: 549 x 346 x 236 [21.61x13.62x9.29]

  • Weight/Kg [lbs] : 18 [39,68 lbs]

  • IP67 enclosure for storage and handling


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