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Production kit for the for Canon EOS C500 MKII / C300MKIII camera. This kit combines the most popular Vocas accessories for this camera into a complete set for the most demanding cameraman. It features a 15 mm Universal Shoulder Base Plate (0350-2202-02) which allows the user to find the optimal balance for the camera on either tripod or when operating it on your shoulder.
The kit includes our top cheese plate (0350-1325) which fits on the top of the camera, giving you multiple extra connection points on top of your camera for ¼” and 3/8” accessories. It allows the use of the original Canon top handle or the various Vocas top handles.
It also comes with a viewfinder bracket (0700-0085) based on a NATO rail to prevent your viewfinder from tilting, resulting in a crooked horizon. To attach this viewfinder bracket on the standard top handle a viewfinder adapter (0350-1456) is also included together with a standard 15 mm rail (0350-9105) with a length of 105 mm. The extender (0390-0030) and ergonomic wooden handgrip (0390-0104) give you a comfortable way to hold your camera while operating it on your shoulder.

Vocas Production kit for Canon EOS C500 MKII / C300 MKIII

SKU: 0255-7200
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