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MFC-3 follow focus for DSLR and small Cine style lenses, with a gear ratio of 1:1 and 100% playless. The unique feature of the MFC-3 follow focus system is that the focus knob and drive gear consist of only one part, there is no transmission in the MFC-3. This is a direct drive, and because of the elimination of internal gears, there can never be any difference in the motion going in and going out, making it 100% playless.

This design also results in the MFC-3 having a 1:1 'transmission' ratio making it ideal for lenses with a small focus throw such as DSLR lenses and smaller cameras with integrated lenses. The knob of the follow focus system can be turned to the left and right, thereby offering flexibility in how to hold or to position your follow focus. Additionally, because of the elimination of internal gears the lifespan of the product is increased extremely.

The unique shape of the drive gear teeth is what makes this all possible. These specially shaped teeth can push the gear ring of the lens up or down when rotating the focus knob the same way a camera operator is used to.

The follow focus includes the Vocas flexible gear ring, with 2 movable stops. For use with cilindrical lenses with a focus barrel diameter between 40 mm and 110 mm. (0500-0295).

Vocas MFC-3 follow focus

SKU: 0500-0030
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