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The MB-436 kit is a complete MB-436 matte box system consisting the following products; MB-436 (0400-0436); 15 mm Swing away bracket for MB-216, MB-256 and MB-43X (0460-0600); 143 mm Flexible donut adapter ring for MB-435 / MB-436 & MB-455 (0420-0601).

The lightweight MB-436 matte box is designed as a 4’’ x 5,65’’ matte box and fits directly on lenses with a front diameter of 143 mm. Two rear 4’’ x 4’’ / 4’’ x 5,65’’ combo filter frames, of which one is fully rotatable, and a fixed 4’’ x 5,65’’ compartiment inside the hood are integrated. The flexible donut ring kit also offers the possibility to add a 138 mm round filter in the rear compartiment, for instance for a polariser. By adding the swing away adapter, the MB-436 can be easily transformed from clip-on matte box into a 15 mm LWS, or optional 15 mm studio or 19 mm bars mounted matte box. It's even possible to support the matte box via top 15 mm rails, which is especially handy when using the quick balancing system of the Vocas Sliding System.

The Vocas patented internal eyebrows are integrated in the hood of matte box, for optimal flair control and reduction of reflections. Side flag hinges are integrated in the hood for mounting an optional side flag kit (0440-0002). In combination with the weight of the matte box (600 grams), the MB-436 is a perfect solution Cine and DSLR purposes. Included in the box: MB-436 matte box, top flag compact (0430-0003) and 2 pcs. of combo filter frames 4’’ x 4’’ / 4’’ x 5,65’’ (0410-0010).

Vocas MB-436 kit: for any camera with 15 mm rail support

SKU: 0436-2010
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