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The MB-216 kit is a MB-216 matte box system consisting the following products; (0200-0216) MB-216; (0360-0100) Height adjustable 15 mm rails adapter; (0250-0190) 114 mm Flexible cuff ring for MB-216 & MB-256.

The MB-216 is a very light weighted and compact matte box for use with DSLR lenses. It features a quick lock mounting system that attaches directly to front lens barrels up to 114 mm. It can be used as clip-on and is suitable for 15 mm LWS rail support, via an optional bars adapter (0360-0100) or swing away adapter (0460-0600). This matte box accommodates a 3” x 3” through a 4’’ x 6’’ filter and works with most wide angle lenses in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. The matte box can hold a maximum of two filters. It has one rotatable filter tray on the back and a fixed 4’’ x 4’’ filter frame integrated in the hood, which can be operated from outside the matte box.

Vocas MB-216 matte box kit for any camera with 15 mm LW support

SKU: 0216-2010
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