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Handheld shoulder rig kit for compact cinematographic and camjo cameras. This compact handheld shoulder rig should be used when shooting with compact cinematographic cameras, while using the external viewfinder or LCD screen at the front of the camera. The flexibility and height adjustability of the rail support enables you to use multiple different cameras. The shoulder pad and the counterweight are mounted directly to the 15 mm rails, which enables you to shoot perfectly balanced with many different camera configurations on the shoulder, while holding the comfortable leather handgrips. The 15 mm rail shoulder rig offers plenty of options to mount different 15 mm accessories, like a follow focus or matte box.

The kit includes the Vocas handgrip short left and right (0390-0004 and 0390-0004-04), Straight handgrip 15 mm rail bracket (0390-0110), Shoulder support compact for 15 mm rails (0370-0010), Pro rail support 15 mm Type P (0350-0900), Weight 1 kg for 15 mm rails (0370-0220) and a set of Aluminum 15 mm rails, length 500 mm.

Vocas Handheld kit Pro type P

SKU: 0255-5900
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