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Hedén VLC-1L Mk1 LANC controller

The Hedén VLC-1L Mk1 LANC controller connects to any third-party controller using LANC. It was originally developed for Sony™ FS5/FS7/ FS7II and is controlled with the zoom-rocker on the Smart Grip. The integrated motor override function allows the operator manual control of the lens in parallel with the motor without losing calibration. The ramping function allows smooth acceleration. The 99 position top speed limit is easily adjustable in order to optimize both creeping slow zoom or very quick movements, with precise control. Flexible controller positioning allows for good weight distribution.

The controller power cable has a DTAP connector. If V-lock batteries are used there is normally D-tap out available.

If you are using the cameras internal battery, we can recommend the following batteries:

Swit S-8U63 with D-tap adaptor S-7105
Hawk-Woods BP-75UX
For LANC control we recommend Manfrotto or Libec controllers


  • LANC in

  • Standard 7 pin motor connection

  • Standard 2 pin power connection

  • Size: 85 x 54 x 26mm / 3.34" x 2.12" x 1.02"

  • Weight 140g / 5oz

  • CE marked and FCC compliant

Hedén VLC-1L Mk1 LANC controller

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