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Hedén M26VE

The Hedén M26VE motor is a strong, reliable and silent lens control motor for professional film or broadcasting cameras. With a torque of 1.8 newton meters it can pull stiff lenses without causing unnecessary noise pollution. Small size and light weight make it ideal for cramped environments on a busy camera rig. Mounts vertically on a 19 mm (0.75”) rod without the need of tools. The accompanying bracket reduction insert will fit on a 15 mm (0.59”) rod and additional sizes are available in our accessories section. Interchangeable snap on gears that can be mounted on either side of the gear housing ads to the versatility of the Hedén motors. Supplied with a 0.8 gear module and with 0.4, 0.5, 0.6 modules available as extras. Comes with a variety of encoders and resistors to suit your need.


  • Height: (body): 33mm/1.3” (body with gear housing): 42mm/1.65”

  • Width: 26mm/1.02”

  • Length: 117mm/4.6”

  • Weight: (without bracket and gears): 222gr/7.83 oz

  • Connector: LEMO 7 pin connector 



  • Hedén M26VE Motor

  • 0.8 gear module

  • Bracket with 19mm to 15mm (0.75” to 0.59”) reduction insert

Hedén Motor M26VE 256-3.3k

SKU: M26-100
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