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Hedén CM55

The Hedén CM55 is a digital version of the legendary horizontally aligned analogue zoom motor M26T. The CM55 have the same dimensions as the M26T so it will fit all the brackets and mounts available for the M26T motor but it's designed to work with digital control systems such as Preston Digital Microforce, MDR-3 and MDR-4 as well as Hedén Ymer-1 and Ymer-3.

The CM55 motor is delivered with a 0.8M (32DP)  gear

Works with Heden Carat, Ymer and Preston 



• Length: 103mm/4.08”
• Width: 26mm/1.02”
• Weight: 140gr/4.94oz
• Connector: Standard 7 pin connector
• 0.8 (32DP) gear, diameter 34.4mm/1.35"

Hedén Motor CM55

SKU: 10010
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