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Hedén M26T

The award winning Hedén M26T is a horizontally oriented analog motor for professional lens control for film and broadcasting cameras. Infinite resolution gives absolute control over speed and the patented torque amplifying two stage planetary friction drive gives the M26T unique qualities. It is a very silent high torque motor with a gear system that uncouples at lens limit, no matter the motors speed, to protect your lenses. Absolutely play free, the M26T has been put to good use with 3D camera systems. The internal analog motor paired with an extremely well-engineered planetary ball bearing gear system makes the motor incredibly durable. Traditionally used as a zoom motor, the Hedén M26T offers many other possibilities as well.



  • Length: 108,5mm/4.27”

  • Diameter (body): 26mm/1.02”

  • Weight: 187g/6.6 oz

  • Torque: Approx 1.20 Nm

  • Connectror: LEMO 4 pin connector

HEDÉN M26T Analog Servo Lens Motor

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