Upgrading to HD Projectors. Why bother?

If you are in a church, live venue or any other business that uses projection systems are you are looking to upgrade to HD, you should really consider upgrading your projectors as well.

Often projectors are overlooked in system upgrades because they “look just fine the way they are”.  If your venue falls into this category, you are truly missing out not only on the benefits of the extra resolution that HD brings you, but the latest in projection technology as well.  This new technology is designed to extend the life of the projector and maximize the quality of your image, but to save you money as well.  With “green” power saving features such as auto adjusting lamps and 12,000 hour service life for filters, projectors from Panasonic give you long, trouble free service.

If you are in the position of upgrading slowly or in multiple stage, consider starting with projection systems.  Even though many of our projectors are HD or HD capable, almost all of them still support standard composite video or VGA inputs.  This way you will be able to enjoy many of the benefits of the new technology and still be able to support your older analog or standard definition system.  Legacy support these projectors offer make upgrading incrementally a simple solution.

Panasonic is leading the way in providing the most innovative and cost effective projection systems on the market.  From small, portable projectors such as the Panasonic PT-VX400U to the large venue 20,000 lumen PT-DZ21k and literally dozens of options in between, there is going to be a great match for you, your venue and within your budget.

Of course, the best way to really know the difference is to see it for yourself.  Call us today and ask about getting a personal demo at your location.  Don’t get left behind.  Maximize your investment, whether you are upgrading or installing a new system.  1-877-81-Take1 or mail@takeone.tv.