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The Varicam LT Is Almost Here!!

Take One Film & Video is excited to be a part of the Panasonic Varicam family.  With a 35mm sensor, EF  and PL mount, light weight and true switchable dual native ISO’s of 800 and 5000, this camera is going to be a game changer.  Don’t wait for the big box stores.  Call us today to find out how you can save money and be one of the first to get your hands on the Varicam LT as soon as it’s out.  1-877-81-TAKE1 or

Upgrading to an HD Video System in a Down Economy

We enter 2013 with hope and optimism, but the reality is that there are many uncertainties, economically speaking.  

TV stations, churches or anyone looking to upgrade or expand their existing gear to High Definition might think more than twice about how feasible it may be.

The good news is that Take One Film & Video can help you achieve your goals economically and within your ever tightening budget.  

Many manufacturers have responded by lowering prices.  Also, technology is continuing to advance faster and more products are available than ever before, making prices more affordable.  

We at Take One Film & Video are working with many of these manufacturers such as Panasonic, Ross, Blackmagic, AJA, and many others to help design the right system for you.

Throughout 2013, we at Take One Film & Video are going to highlight many of these products and the advantages of incorporating them into your system.  

Look forward to new reviews, YouTube videos, and product highlights on our website and Facebook page to keep you informed and give you a forum to interact and ask questions.  

If you haven’t joined our Facebook page yet, please come join today at

Many of you are not looking at multi-camera studio systems.  You are looking at smaller ENG cameras, audio packages and/or monitors.  

We understand that many of the “big-box” online stores offer these products quick, easy, and cheap.  

I would challenge you to give us a call first at 1-877-81-TAKE1 to see that we can not only offer you the same products at competitive prices (and often cheaper), but we can give you something that those big online stores can’t – service after the sale.  

We are here for you to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.  Another advantage of using Take One Film & Video is that we can offer service BEFORE the sale.  

If you are upgrading or looking to find components that either work together or integrate with your existing system or edit suite, we can provide free advice prior to the sale to make sure you are buying the right product for your mission.  

No one else will offer you that level of service.  That is the advantage of using Take One Film & Video.

Finally, we will be making some changes to our site and removing the e-commerce portion of our website.  

To offer the highest level of service, we would prefer to talk to our customers over the phone or via e-mail.  

We want to build a relationship with our customers and we feel that we cannot do that by being like the other “big box” stores.  

So please give us a shout today and let us know your current needs or your goals for the near future.  

Let us walk with you throughout the process and let us be an advocate for you and your organization to make sure you have the best products at the best price.  

Call us today at 1-877-81-TAKE1 or contact us here.

We look forward to serving you in 2013 and, we thank you in advance for you business.

God Bless,

Chad Hall

President, CEO – Take One Film & Video

Upgrading to HD Projectors. Why bother?

If you are in a church, live venue or any other business that uses projection systems are you are looking to upgrade to HD, you should really consider upgrading your projectors as well.

Often projectors are overlooked in system upgrades because they “look just fine the way they are”.  If your venue falls into this category, you are truly missing out not only on the benefits of the extra resolution that HD brings you, but the latest in projection technology as well.  This new technology is designed to extend the life of the projector and maximize the quality of your image, but to save you money as well.  With “green” power saving features such as auto adjusting lamps and 12,000 hour service life for filters, projectors from Panasonic give you long, trouble free service.

If you are in the position of upgrading slowly or in multiple stage, consider starting with projection systems.  Even though many of our projectors are HD or HD capable, almost all of them still support standard composite video or VGA inputs.  This way you will be able to enjoy many of the benefits of the new technology and still be able to support your older analog or standard definition system.  Legacy support these projectors offer make upgrading incrementally a simple solution.

Panasonic is leading the way in providing the most innovative and cost effective projection systems on the market.  From small, portable projectors such as the Panasonic PT-VX400U to the large venue 20,000 lumen PT-DZ21k and literally dozens of options in between, there is going to be a great match for you, your venue and within your budget.

Of course, the best way to really know the difference is to see it for yourself.  Call us today and ask about getting a personal demo at your location.  Don’t get left behind.  Maximize your investment, whether you are upgrading or installing a new system.  1-877-81-Take1 or

Take One Film & Video working with upcoming show, Biker Bars, Rallies and Road Trips

Take One Film & Video and Nashville Production Rentals are proud to be working with a fantastic upcoming show called The Worlds Best Biker Bars, Rallies and Road Trips.  While currently in it’s infacy stages, we are giving them support to help them develop this upcoming hit show.  If you are a rider or just a fan of the life and culture of motorcycles, please check out their link and keep a look out for this show coming soon to one of your favorite channels.

Panasonic AG-AC160 is here!

Newly added to the Panasonic AVCCAM lineup, the AG-AC160EJ Memory Card Camera offer a host of advanced functions. The lens, camera section and recorder section of these models have been significantly revamped by incorporating cutting-edge technologies.

The new 22x zoom lens boasts wide coverage, from wide-angle to telephoto, while individual zoom, focus, and iris rings let you make manual adjustments just like with an interchangeable lens. The high-sensitivity, low-noise, high-resolution 1/3-type 2.2-megapixel U.L.T. (Ultra Luminance Technology) 3MOS image sensor and professional AVCHD PH mode ensure high-quality Full-HD (1920 x 1080) recording. The AG-AC160EJ model comes with advanced functions like HD slow-/quick-motion recording, by Incorporating Variable Frame Rates (VFR). The AG-AC160 also shoots on SDHC, making it not only more user friendly, but also more pocket friendly (When in DV mode, SD files are recorded onto empty SD Cards for recording mode for extra versatility). Adding to user friendliness, the AG-AC160 featurs HD/SD-SDI output, HDMI output and several others.

We are glad to announce that we have the new Panasonic AG-AC160 for sale, and at $4,195 the camera is competitive with all other cameras in its category. If you have any questions about this camera, please feel free to email us at and our staff will gladly assist you! Please call us to order your new AG-AC160 today!

HPX170′s are finally coming in from Japan

With the devistating earthquake in Japan in March, many products have been slow to come into the states as these companies begin their recovery.  Panasonic has been one of these companies and we have unfortunately had to tell many of our customers of the open ended delays of many popular products as the recovery takes place.  However, we are happy to let our customers know that those days are ending as we are starting to see many of these products start to come in.

One of the most requested item that has been affected by these delays is the HPX170.  For a robust and affordable P2 HD camera, the HPX170 is a great solution for professionals that are looking for a good balance of price and performance.  Being able to record SD or HD (1080i or 720p with 24p, 30p and 60i) and incorporating a HD-SDI output with embedded audio gives our customers a camera that fits almost any need and integrates with any post production workflow.

We are happy to announce that the HPX170′s are back in and we are accepting orders today.  Our current price for the Panasonic HPX170 is $3450.  Please call us today to order yours.

$2000 Instant rebate on the Pansaonic HPX370 Cameras until June 30

Have you been looking for a reason to upgrade your old, out of date SD cameras?  Right now is the time withthe Panasonic HPX370 camera.  With a $2000 instant rebate offer until June 30th coupled with in house financing from Take One Film & Video or take advantage of 0% financing thru Panasonic (terms and conditions apply), there’s no reason to wait any longer.  This is what you’ve been waiting for!

The Panasonic HPX370 is the perfect balance between performance and cost.  The new 1/3″ U.L.T. (Ultra Luminance Technology) CCD’smake the HPX370 an incredible low light performer. With the addition of the 1/3″ to 2/3″ adaptor, you can utilize 2/3″ lenses that you may already have.  Another great feature is the ability to record to the industry standard DVCPRO-HD or the space saving AVC-Intra format.  By recording to the format that meets your needs, you save time and money by streamlining your workflow.

You can learn more about the Panasonic  HPX370 by clicking this link:  HERE

You can also download a .pdf brochure from Panasonic by clicking this link: HERE

Please call us for more information about the Panasonic HPX370 or any other camera from Panasonic that you may be interested in.  You can reach us at or 1-877-81-Take1.

What’s the deal with Gaffers Tape Prices?

As many of you are painfully aware, Gaff Tape prices have seemed to have been going thru the roof lately.  So, what’s the deal?  Why would the same product increase in price so much in such a short amount of time?  Well, the answer doesn’t lie in some corporate conspiracy to stick it to the consumer.   It is much more simpler than that.  It’s those two darn products that make Gaff tape what it is and the market prices that drive them.

Gaff Tape is composed primarily of cotton and oil based adhesives.  The oil component should be no mystery to anyone that has to fill up their tank with ever increasing gas prices.  The other commodity that is guilty of the price surge is cotton.  Cotton, which may come to a surprise to many of you, has increased in price 150% over the past year.   Take a look at the chart and you can see for youself how quickly this all transpired.  The details come down to weather related global shortages and an increasing demand, especially from China.  All that aside, the bottom dollar is that we are all paying for it and it definately puts a strain on already tight production budgets.

Prices appear to be on a decline and we can only hope that the trend will continue in that direction.  The problem is that retail prices are slower to come down as they come up but we here at Take One Film & Video will continually respond to the price changes and will pass on those savings when (and if) they come.

Until then, we are offering Tecnec brand tape along side with our Pro-Gaff Brand.  The good news is that they are the exact same tape made by the same company, Pro Tapes.  The better news is that they are $1 less per roll.  The only trade off is that the label in the roll says “Tecnec” instead of “Pro-Gaff”.

Please give us a call if you have any questions about Gaff (Gaffers) tape pricing or availability.

Chad Hall

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Take One Film & Video Integration Intro

We are very excited to kick off our new company, Take One Film & Video.  For the last 7 years Nashville Production Rentals has made its home in Nashville.  We have been able to build wonderful relationships with the industry professionals here in town and literally around the world.

NPR was built by industry professionals that have many years in the broadcast and A/V world which has allowed us to better understand our client’s needs and provide them with the best equipment available.  We felt that the timing was right to take that same philosophy and apply it to people who need to buy equipment instead of renting.  So now we offer Take One Film & Video to fill those needs.

Take One Film & Video offers just about any tools, equipment or expendables that you would need for any production of any size.  We carry products from  Arri, Avenger, Manfrotto, Pelican and Storm Cases, Hoodman and Belden just to name a few.  We are also a dealer for Tecnec, the same folks who own Markertek.  We offer every item that Markertek carries and in many cases can offer even better prices.  So whether you need a tripod, SDHC cards, Cross Converters or Crimp Tools, Take One Film & Video will have what you need.

We offer many of our products on our website where you will be able to purchase directly online through our e-commerce site.  These products will ship to you on the same day, in most cases.  We also have our retail store located at 3401 Ambrose Ave. in Nashville in the same building as our rental company, Nashville Production Rentals.  If you don’t see what you need on our website, please call us directly toll free at 1-877-81-TAKE1 or locally at 615-775-7609 and tell us what you’re looking for.    Also, if you’re local, call and ask us about our free delivery on orders over $100.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us and we hope to hear from you soon.

Chad Hall
President, CEO
United Production Services, Inc.

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